Selling Your Home


The most important aspect of selling your home is the pricing. Our focus is to understand and interpret the current market trends, macro-economic impact on the housing industry and ensure that your home is priced correctly to maximize results. We spend a good amount of time analyzing the data to put the information in a clear and easy format for you to understand the whys and whats of pricing.

The second aspect of selling your home is to maximize your homes exposure through various marketing channels. Our comprehensive marketing strategy promotes your home to target our ideal prospective buyer. We understand your neighborhood and make sure we are speaking on experience not just the statistics.


Using real estate fundamentals, we deliver insights to our clients about proper valuation, property competition and overall market dynamics affecting valuation. We provide well supported opinion of value on your property that addresses the unique characteristics and the big picture, to ensure proper placement in the marketplace.

Client Experience

We are committed to high-end client service, using our experience to provide our clients with clear, concise and timely information throughout the listing assignment. We will go the extra mile to deliver results.


Secondary to appropriate property pricing, we work to deliver results for our clients by tapping numerous marketing channels to ensure that our client’s properties are placed in the appropriate locations to maximize prospective purchaser interest. The most important of these is the web presence and photography.


Whether you are ready to hire us today, or tomorrow, we work to explain the process from pre-listing through the closing of the transaction.